Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sister in Kuwait

Couple of years ago one of my younger sister decided to apply for a job abroad. People back home opted to find a job outside the country because of the lack of opportunity for local jobs they can get. They resort to leave their family and take chances abroad for greener pasture. My sister was one of the many fresh graduate who cannot find a good job in our place so she decided to go to Dubai. She got lucky to get a visa and flew to Dubai as Tourist and fortunately found a job after a month. But then life was very cruel because instead of finishing her contract, she was sent home due to medical problems that she got from the place. After couple of months working in Dubai, the company asked them for medical and unfortunately my sister was one of the random patient got infected with some virus found in the place so she was sent home.

Moreover, our youngest sister was brave enough to apply for a job abroad for the same reason that she could not find a job in the city. She flew to Kuwait last week to work as a crew in one of the American company base in Kuwait. I am really praying all night that she will be alright all the time and won't experience the same unfortunate situation like my other sister. There are job opportunity that you can find online but it requires good credentials, skills, great personality and more to get qualified for the job. If you are that person then visit the link for details and information.


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