Sunday, May 22, 2011

Task, Facebook, and Domains

Perhaps some of you have noticed that I have not visiting your blog lately. Pardon my absence. It's not that I've been busy with online task as I only have a few which includes topic about human growth hormone supplements, and job posting. The thing is I am back playing my games online, the Frontierville on Facebook. I spent plenty of hours on Facebook rather than blogging, and it's late already by the time I'm done playing. I even bought a new domain just recently but haven't got the time to get around with it. I have so many things to post but my head is so caught up with my game mission. I should put an end to this addiction otherwise I'll lost all my avid commenter and visitor. So, to those who keep visiting my blogs, thank you so much. I'll just started returning visits though and reciprocate some comments. For now I have to finish some of my task. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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