Friday, June 10, 2011

House today, RV tomorrow

One of our biggest dream which is to buy and own a house had finally came true. It gives a different feeling when you live in a house that is yours than renting a house. As what my husband said, owning a house in this country is the American dream that can change your status in the society. Buying a house was the biggest decision and investment that we have to take responsibility not just for now but for our entire life. Now that we have a house we are closer to our another dream and that is to own a RV. When you have a family, having your own RV is an advantage. It's easy and convenient to take a road trip and you are not worried if in case you experience RV trouble as there is a big company where you can get RV insurance and will always provide rv towing at any time. You need to have trusted company who come to the rescue when things gets bad. But of course to avoid such problem, make sure to check everything out before taking off road.


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