Tuesday, June 14, 2011

July is Coming

We are half way in June already and before we know it, July will be here. My father and brother will be celebrating their birthday on July. My brother already asked his gift and it was indeed expensive which is hard for me to afford. My father is sort of busy right now with his new interest and that is raising pigs in my uncle's farm. He is not using his motorcycle that much because he stayed in my uncle's house and nothing else to do but watch the pigs. The place is just a small town though so he doesn't need a motorcycle navigator I supposed. Different here in the US that GPS is very useful device for every drivers. Apparently, I have no idea yet what gift to buy for my father. He mentioned to my sister that he just want a vitamins because he is having trouble sleeping. I'm thinking of sending cash instead of any material things. With cash he can buy the things he want and needs. I have to save because July is coming.


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