Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stay in Cyprus Villas for a More Affordable Holiday

Have you ever taken a look at the cost of holidays to Cyprus? Despite the fact that this island, in the far east of the Mediterranean, could only ever be described as medium-haul, at most, the prices for holidays are on a par with long-haul, tropical destinations. Cyprus has always proven to be a very popular holiday island, and as such, the cost of holidays holds very firm and make this destination quite expensive.

Many people struggle to work out what all the fuss is about, where Cyprus is concerned. The island nation does have an excellent tourist infrastructure - no one would ever dispute this fact, but this is no different to many Greek destinations, within this part of the world, and certainly not too far behind the ever up-and-coming Turkish resorts.

With this in mind and bearing in mind that most people have far less disposable income nowadays, it has started to become necessary to find an alternative way of taking holidays in Cyprus. People do not want to compromise on what they do when they get there, after all, the long and fascinating details of Cyprus history will always prove to be one of the biggest draws to this island. They are prepared, however, to investigate the idea of alternative forms of accommodation for when they get there.

This is where Cyprus villas are now becoming increasingly popular. Although, at one time, they may have actually been viewed as a compromise to regular hotels, people are starting to work out that this is far from the case. After all, you have all that freedom to come and go as you please; you can save money further by being able to cook your own healthy meals in your fully-equipped kitchen; and often you will have facilities such as extensive and private outside areas and even your own swimming pool to enjoy.

As far as Cypriot hotels are concerned, yes some of them can be very nice indeed, but none of them are able to compete with the advantages of taking your own villas in Cyprus. The most important consideration here has got to be the price! As an example here, if a party of six were to travel together to Cyprus, by the time you reserve at least three rooms in a hotel for the duration of your stay, you can usually guarantee that Cyprus villas will work out considerably cheaper, once the rental price is divided by the number of heads staying.

The other fundamental consideration to bear in mind, if you are looking to slash the cost of holidays to Cyprus, is to give most tour operators a very wide birth! If you don't believe what I am saying here, get online or pick-up a brochure and check-out the cost of a two week holiday in Cyprus: moreover, this does not have to be for four star plus hotel accommodation, either, lower grade hotel holidays will still work out massively more expensive than if you were to travel to some parts of Greece or Turkey.

If you are looking to save a bundle on the flights to get you to your villas in Cyprus, it is always a good idea to book these yourself. Package holidays should contain a discounted fare with your relevant hotel accommodation, but this is far from the case in the travel industry of today.


weddings in cyprus June 29, 2011 at 1:43 PM  

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