Friday, June 3, 2011

TV and security

Have you ever been so absorbed in watching your favorite show (especially if you’ve subscribed through the 200+ channels at that you forget the world around you? This is the reason why I sometimes wait for my kids to go to sleep because I know I will be so concentrated on watching my shows and that sometimes I even go on marathons watching them.

When I do plan to do my movie or tv marathon, I usually have everything before I start. Popcorns, chips, and whatever leftover I could find and of course my drinks and water. I also get my favorite pillow and blanket to cuddle with which is why most of the times I end up asleep on the couch.

I just hope we could upgrade our security system to home security Southaven. If we do, then I’ll be more than 1000% sure that we’ll be safe even if my world revolves around my movies or if I end up asleep before hubby comes home.


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