Thursday, July 28, 2011

Looking for the Train Condutor

Who do you think was the train conductor?

Well, the train is coming and looks like the conductor is missing.

It arrived in the station and here's the newly hired train conductor of the cho cho train.

He actually loved his position through when the train captain handed over to him the conductor hat. He wanted to be in the train all the time and did not care that his Dada and sister were in the car waiting for us. We thought we wanted them (Ev and Jake) to experienced riding the train since they both huge fans of Thomas and Friends.

After the rounds, the train stopped in the village for the kids to watch the show. As it turned out they're not interested to listen to this cowboy talking about guns and stuff but they're force to sit there and indulge the heat while listening to the boring show. After the long talk, the cowboy presented some demonstration about firing the guns for kids to be aware that guns are not toys.

Like I said these two are only interested in riding the train rather than sitting there to listen. we walked out and headed back to our train ride going back to the place where we parked the car.

Welcome to the Bonnie Spring. If you happen to visit Las Vegas you should drive going to Red Rock Canyon and stopped by at this place to ride a train and perhaps pet some animal in the Petting Zoo. Watch out with wild Donkey by the way.


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