Friday, July 15, 2011

Things In Mind

I received an email from my older brother asking if I already bought the shades he requested. I just got home from vacation and I spent most of my cash during that trip. I have so many thing going on in my mind right now which needs immediate response. I have to finished few online job as soon as possible, I have to returned the DSLR because it was broken when it arrived in our door step, I have to buy table cloth covers and more. The money I saved is not enough to buy all these things. Buying weight loss supplement is not in my list but to those who wants to know the secret to long term weigh loss try checking out the I read this from other website and I thought of sharing it to you. Anyway, I am confuse which one I should do first. One thing for sure I don't have big amount of money to buy the shades that worth almost four hundred bucks.


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