Sunday, July 31, 2011

Traveling with Toddlers, With United

It's not our first time to travel with our two toddlers. But it's our first time to travel more than 5 hours on the plane with toddlers plus with stop over. Our first time also to travel with United Air Lines. However, there's always a first on everything and travel is my passion. Traveling is exciting, but also dishes out anxiety. In the back of your mind, you hope the air traffic controllers had great training, and that the homeland security are up-to-date with their degree online. You try not to think about it, but it is always there.

Well, I don't know if we were curse because on our flight to Las Vegas we left the house 5 hours early only to find out that our flight was canceled. We did not get any email of some sort. There was one girl who supposed to gave us accurate information but instead she let us wait for over 15 minutes in the corner with two restless toddlers.

One ticket booth opened up and told us that our supposed to be 6:00 o clock flight was already left an hour ago. So, the information was messed up. Anyway, to make the story short we got the ticket with stop over to Denver instead of Chicago.

Alright, we got on the plane right away but when we were almost in Denver a big storm started coming down. The runway also was sort of busy that took our plane to land late. So many delayed flights going on that really pissed us off. That was the worst plane ride ever.

So, the girl who sat in there and started messing with the seat belt as if she had ticket. Well, the one hour flight to Las Vegas was alright. These two little ones were quiet and sleeping through the whole flight.

This was our plane that will take us to LAs Vegas from Denver airport.

We arrived in Las Vegas around 11;00 in the evening. Las Vegas is three hours behind time difference from Pittsburgh.


Jan August 1, 2011 at 4:41 AM  

What an ordeal, glad you got there in the end!

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