Friday, August 12, 2011

Got the Best Dentist

It was four month ago when my husband and I looking for Dental office that accepts our insurance. There are so many dental services around the area but only few have Best Dentist. Am glad I found a best dentist and the great thing is, he is just 5 houses away from our house. I got the best dentist in town. I forgot that still have to make a new appointment for my partial replacement.

The Periodontist in the city is no longer here. I was told that he has moved in another location, in another city. Well, that is quite sad. But then, I was also told that there's another one here that actually does the same quality of job. The same quality that produces great smiles in each of her patients' faces. Of course, if we look for dentists and periodontists online, there is also a listing to look into. This is what I like about our technology now. Everything can be found online, from cooks to dentists. What more can we ask for?

I have seen the listing and well, I am quite impressed about how they are being organized. At least you can also match up your preferred dentist according to your location, and budget. Interesting options that make you ask why they have not existed before. But since they do exist now, better start making use of such listing online. As much as I want to have a new partial and have my gum checked, I guess I'll just have to wait because we just got the bill on the mail last week and we are not happy with the it. Although, the insurance paid most of it, we still had to pay the remaining balance of almost $400.


Umma August 14, 2011 at 4:44 PM  

super mahal diri ang dentist tsang no. mayo ra kay napakay-o ko ang teeth ko sang last vacay namo sa Taipei..

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