Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quality Wheels for your Ride

As much as we want to give our ride a total makeover like new paint, put some quality wire wheels, and more, but the problem is we cannot because we are planning to buy a new car next year. Our car is very old already and have started showing its age. As a matter of fact, this summer we spent most of our time at home because we can't use our car. There is a problem with our car that needed to stay in a certain mileage in order to pass the inspection. My husband replaced the wheels of that car last year. We are lucky we have found a well trusted repair man who is honest and gave us reasonable quote. Anyway, summer is about to be over and soon we will have winter again which means time to combat the heavy snow. Get your ride ready for that coming season so you know that you are safe when driving at the middle of the snowy and slippery road.


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