Saturday, August 6, 2011

Resilient and Beautiful

A friend of mine recently gave birth and is now actually thinking of a garage sale. She wants to sell her old clothing because it won’t fit her anymore. She has gained so much weight during her pregnancy and now, she is having a hard time fitting into her clothes again. So she decided to sell them and the money she will get out of the sale will be used to buy plus size dresses. She has now realized and is slowly accepting the fact that she is now a plus size. Before her pregnancy, she was very slender and slim, but now, just a few months after giving birth, she could not see her old self again.

When she looks at the mirror, she sees a new person, with extra baggage hanging around her midsection. But despite the physical change, I still admire my friend, for she has consistently carried herself beautifully and gracefully. Right now, she is looking into plus size fashion trends so that she can go with what’s new and hot for plus size women. She really is one resilient woman, beautiful inside and out, despite the fact that she no longer holds a whistle bait figure, she still is very confident with how she looks.


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