Thursday, September 29, 2011

Train Ride, Goons, Face in a Hole

Here are some of the pictures we had at the Bonnie Spring Nevada. The train ride was the big event in this trip despite of the excruciating . The two train obsessed had great time. They even want to just ride the train than watch the kid show they had in there.
The train conductor as usual have this "All Aboard" scream before the train took off. There was also an old man acted as a Goons with his guns pointing at us to amuse the train passenger. I dunno if he was a bad guy or a sheriff.
Jake refused to take a picture with the cowboy man while Dallas always cool playing along with their finger gun.

Our first time to be in this kind of place. We don't have this in Pittsburgh. I don't want to gome without documenting our face-in-a-hole and take picture to cherish this trip memories.

There is a petting zoo in bonnie spring but we don't want to get left behind by the train. Joe and Justine was in the car waiting for us.


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