Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holiday shopping

In some countries, the celebration of the holidays is a bit early. As early as September or October, Christmas carols would be heard in streets, malls and houses. Some would even start to put up those decorative lights! For those who are really feeling the Christmas spirit, shopping starts a bit early in the year, too. I guess there are some advantages to that. For one, you would avoid the Christmas rush and panic buying. Cramming in shopping could be very common, and I do that a lot. The thing is, sometimes we forget to buy presents for some people we would have wanted to give gifts to. On top of that, you would not be able to choose well since you are pressed with time.

Have I made my Christmas shopping? I haven’t yet, but I should make that list soon. Gifts for the family members come first, of course. The kids would be happy with toys so it’s not much of a challenge getting gifts for them. I wonder what to give hubby, though. I should look into guys clothing and see if I could find some good deals. But first, let me make that list. Having a Christmas list sure is helpful. It makes shopping more organized and mind you, it could save you quite a few bucks, too.


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