Monday, November 7, 2011

Buy Gold and Silver for Collection

Do you collect coins? If you do then buy silver bullion online and have it shipped directly to your home for physical delivery. This kind of investment has been around and I'm sure it will still be around the market no matter how tough the economic recession would be. Visit for information. Regal Assets has a longstanding tradition of responsible and trustworthy business practices demonstrated by the A+ rating with the BBB. They have been in the buying and selling of gold and Silver for over fifty years with combined experience in the precious metals industry. You can count on the Regal Assets team of specialists to work for you with credibility and integrity. They are precious metals dealer that specialize in Gold & Silver investments. You can also sell your gold to them, just visit their website and I'm sure you will find coin and bullion you need. You can also buy gold and/or silver coins from their website from different country not just America. You can check out their silver price and start investing in gold and silver. If only I have plenty of money I would want to buy coins from different places and collect them.

Speaking of collection, I collected quarters of the 50 state in America. I also have one coin from Canada that I saw from my husband's coin collection or should I say piggy bank in the jar. The quarters I have collected is not certified yet and I'm lacking three state including Chicago, Florida and Michigan. These are the state I am lacking to complete my quarters. I also saw a quarter certification book sort of thing where you place the quarter but I forgot to buy it. Next week, I'll go back to the store and get that quarter book for my coin collection. Thus, if you plan on investing or collecting gold and silver, visit Regal Assets for details.


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