Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Thanksgiving and Holiday

[This is an old photo taken at the Museum of Science and Industry]

The husband has a week off from work starting Monday which was couple of days ago plus a weekend off too. time to take a good break from everything and spend an exciting holiday with family. Thanksgiving is few days away in fact and we will be spending it somewhere else. We don't really care what the weather will be like as far as fun is concern.

Meanwhile, if you want to know where are we now, well make a wild guess. We drove to SR last Monday afternoon and took off the next day to where we headed. We arrived in the afternoon but since it was raining and because of the time saving, it was already dark at 5:00 when we got here. The trip was not as pleasant as every body would love to experience, but it's half way decent than expected. The kids took two long naps the whole trip which gave room for quiet time and we also made three stops on the way. Now that we are here, I don't want to think anything of our trip back home yet. So, how about you, where are you going this holiday? Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Umma November 25, 2011 at 6:14 AM  

Happy Thanksgiving to Vegas na kami later for the long weekend. OMG.. was a little crazy sang Black Friday eve. super daghan sang tawo.. We're suppose to go but the lines were so long...

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