Saturday, November 12, 2011

Small business owner

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My husband and I own a small business, and at times I wonder if it is worth the stress. One of the major positives is that we make our own hours and can schedule work how we would like. However, at times it can be very stressful. We own a window washing company that my husband started shortly before we met. He has been in the business for nearly ten years, but at times it can be difficult. I keep the books, and we have two employees along with my husband. The work is very labor-intensive in the spring, summer, and fall. However, in the winter time the work is very slow due to the cold. As a way to maintain our budget, we have recently switched to fixed-rate energy through We have also decided to cut back on our family spending. We are shortening our family vacation by four days, and I have started using coupons more when shopping for food and other necessary items. I am thankful for the hard work that my husband puts into the business for our family, but at times it can be very stressful owning a small business in today’s marketplace.


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