Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Studio B Buffet @ M

If you happen to visit Las Vegas, you should try the buffet at M resort and Casinos. You can check out the buffet hours and prices below.

Studio B by far is one of the top of the line buffet I've ever been to in Las Vegas. My sister and her husband are living in Las Vegas and they're familiar with the great places in strip when it comes to buffet. That is why when we were there, my BIL recommended us to try the buffet in this new place.

The place is so spacious with delicious food all over. I got overwhelmed which one I should try first. So, I went with the seafood since i was craving for sushi. It was the best.

Here is a glance of what the inside looks like. This is just a part or portion of the whole place.

Thank you for choosing to dine with Studio B Buffet and thank you for visiting ya'll.


Unknown November 10, 2011 at 12:24 AM  

murag barato ra lagi ila prices Tsang?.. si jake ug justine kay free pa diay...nice...

namoot ko sa comment nimo Tsang sa wine testing...kahinumdum noon ko last christmas sa Davao nga nahubog ko ug tinisteng sa mga wine sa grocery nyahahahaha.

wa mya testing diri Tsang, pero naa food and drink exhibit for everybody before christmas... so banat jud ug kaon ug inom kay free man hehehe

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