Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bad Santa Photo

This photo would sure pass the standard in bad Santa Photo. I know Christmas day is over but the meaning of Christmas will stay in our heart. Anyway, this little man flipped out as soon as Joe told him to sit on Santa's lap. He was talking to Santa at first telling him what presents he wanted to get on Christmas.

He was excited to see Santa too. But I did not know why he flipped out. Maybe Santa intimidated him and got chickened out hehehe. The girl also refused to sit on Santa's lap because she saw Jake on the grown. She is a copycat and copy Jake all the time.

I was there in front all so ready to snapped a picture of Jake and Justine at Santa's lap. So, no Santa's lap picture this year but we have Santa and the boy on the ground. And because of that hilarious incident, Santa sent them a pillow, not one but 4 pillows. Two of them were from J and A hehe. Thanks guys for the pillow toys.


Dhemz December 29, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

hhahaha...abi nako ug ikaw ang mosabak kay santa tsang...hehehe...muot jud ning first pic tsang...japorms raba kau si Jake da...sige lang, next year basin J&J will sit on santa's lap na...pagkadaghan man kau sa pillow pets them all!

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