Sunday, December 4, 2011

Uninvited Visitors

What would you do if you see a rat in your house? Perhaps, you would scream as your initial reaction because rats are not commonly seen here in the US. A shockingly face and a panic was my husband's reaction when he saw right before his eyes a tiny rat staring at him in the previous house we rented.

We lived in that house for two years. The first creature we saw when we moved there was a snake. It was summer when this snake hanging around at our backyard. The kids love to play at the backyard in our old house we rented but after we saw the snake in there that alarmed us. So, we stopped spending much time in the backyard. Since during that time we cannot afford to buy a house yet and we tried to avoid moving out because of the hassles that comes with it. Another uninvited critters I saw when I was doing my laundry at the basement. I saw this dead mouse lying on the floor of our stairs. What comes to your mind if you see dead rat or mouse inside your house? Well, you would probably think that there is more in that house other than mouse.

My husband start thinking different insects found in that house after he saw a rat. It was a tiny, alive and fast runner rat hiding behind the kitchen furniture. We found a hole in the wall and thought that's where the rat came from. My husband and I have made a quick decision to look for a new house.

That house was over 100 years old and the owner did not put too much care on it. They let the management handled all the problems every time they hear complaints from their tenants. Soon that house will get infected with termites if they continue to neglect it. Termites are hard to get rid of. You cannot kill them unless you will going to burn the house. But we do not want to burnt our house do we? So, the best thing to do is to contact the services of Termites in Arizona that has the expertise in dealing with termites. If you live around Arizona area and is having problem with termites in your house, then contact Arizona Termite Control. Feel free to call the number below or visit the address below for a quote.

Arizona Termite Control
3019 N. 14th Street #305
Phoenix, AZ 85014


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