Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What to Expect in 9 Hours Road Trip

Road trips can be fun if you do not mind making lots of stop on the way and back. While stopping at different places, have the chance to enjoy sight seeing and check out those state land marks. However, if you drive straight 9 hours, don't expect your toddlers passenger to keep their cool.

According to my MIL, both J&J were very good during the trip despite of the screaming and whining from the little Miss. They still passed as good traveler though. In that 9 hours road trip, we made three stops to stretch out a bit and used the bathroom for call of nature. The ipod made her stay in the seat for an hour and not hearing single whine. But after an hour she gave it back to me and said, it's loud and don't want to listen with it anymore hehe.

So many things to expect when you are on a road trip, (including the unexpected and unpleasant situation). So, when you go for a road trip this holiday with your children and family, then expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride.


Umma December 14, 2011 at 9:04 AM  

gikapoy cguro paminaw si Justine sa music mao gibalik hahaha..

BTW tsang, pls confirm kon na received ba nimo ang priority package na padala nako (8th of Dec) kay nag libog me kon nadawat ba nimo or correct kaha ang address. Sent it sa Winterburn Ave....correct ba ning address? waaah

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