Monday, January 23, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese Token and Coin

Last year we celebrated Jake's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. Jake had great time playing with those rides although he was kind of scared at the rat. That was my first time being in that place though and it's overwhelming looking at the crowds and kids. I admit I enjoyed that simple event and I wish we can do it again someday. That Chuck E. Cheese place is definitely a hit for children and i even love the tokens. It was like personalized coins of Chuck E. I love it. When they handed us those cup of coins the first thing came to my mind was to take a couple of it and hide it like a collection maybe. But when Jake got carried away with the rides, he won't stop asking for tokens. Collecting coins is awesome especially if came from different country and currency. I have a five peso coin from the Philippines that looks exactly like chuck e cheese token, and I also have a $1 coin. I saw a website online where you can buy personalized coins that you can give as gift or token of appreciation to someone special.


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