Saturday, March 3, 2012

Useful Tool

Not all husband or men are tool expert. There are a few that don't do work stuffs like repair or don't even have a workshop to keep all their tool. However, a man that has interest in machinery and carpentry is probably have complete tools and workshop accessories to do all their work and that includes drill press vise which is very useful machinery tool.

My husband is a professor and don't even do much time doing carpentry or fixing stuffs at home. He used to be a carpenter when he was at his twenties and decided to finished his education. Anyway, yesterday he tried to fix the kids door knob but still not working. We wanted to have a new door knob for the kids so when it's time for bed time they can just go right straight to bed. But unfortunately, the door knob that he installed wasn't working. We need a new door frame to drill a new hole and place a new door knob.


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