Thursday, September 20, 2012

What To Look For In a Calgary Hotel

Immediately after booking travel arrangements, a hotel room must be reserved. You will need to have a place to rest on your Calgary vacation, unless you will be staying with friends or family. The online hotel booking process has become incredibly streamlined in recent years. Almost every hotel in Calgary has an online presence, complete with full listings of room offerings, prices and amenities. You will also be able to browse user reviews from previous customers. Some hotel review sites even have professional critics that write editorials about their experience. Know what to look for in a Calgary hotel before making a definite booking.

Location and Price

There are numerous Calgary hotels to stay at during your vacation. Begin narrowing down the options by considering the location of the hotel. Consider the nature of your trip to Calgary. Will you be visiting Callaway Park, an amusement park just west of Calgary? Or will you be patronizing theaters or sports arenas located throughout Calgary? Consider your trip agenda, and look for hotels within the area that you will be spending the majority of your trip.

Consider your price range after you have a rough idea of the area in which you would like to stay. Calgary offers many hotels rated from three to five stars by major review sites. A luxury five star resort will generally cost more than a three star hotel. Consider how much you would like to spend on lodging during your vacation. You can find an ideal hotel regardless of your budget.

Amenities and Add-ons

After you have a price range and location, it’s time to start looking at the details. Thoroughly consider the below factors when comparing potential hotels:

  • The Bed –You are booking a hotel primarily as a place to rest your head. Read through user reviews to determine the quality of mattresses at the hotel. Some hotels will even list which type of mattresses they have; however this is not common.

  • Kitchen/Fridge – You will likely appreciate a mini-kitchen or fridge if you will be staying for more than a couple days. This enables you to purchase food from a grocery store instead of going out for every meal. It also gives you a place to store leftovers from previous outings. Microwaves and coffee makers can also prove immensely useful.

  • Internet Access – Almost every hotel in Calgary will have high-speed Internet access these days. However, they wont all have it for free. Is Internet access an additional charge? Or is it included in the booking rate?

You can confidently make your decision now that you know what to look for in a Calgary hotel. Thoroughly consider the location, price and amenities before making a reservation to ensure a positive hotel experience.


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