Friday, November 9, 2012

One Year Old Netbook

My husband bought this Netbook for me last year as a gift. As expected when a device gets old, it also starts showing bad things like slow server and always hangs up. This Netbook together with our PC needs a slow computer fix to get the speed back up. It's annoying and frustrating when you're doing important work online but your PC hang up, freeze or worst crash. I had to restart it multiple times so I can finished my online work. So, if you are having problem with your PC then check out It helps restore maximum speed, power and stability. I was having a hard time getting online today because like I said the server and connection of this Netbook is giving me head ache. Last night our PC just automatically shut down for no reason and I couldn't get online again. So to stay in a safe side I did not use it today. My husband just fixed our computer few hours. My only worry now is my Netbook. I need this baby to get back on speed.


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