Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fragrance Collections and Gift

Perfumes always make a great gift ideas. You can give perfume to your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, family and whoever you want to give it to. It doesn't matter if it is the most expensive perfume, popular brand of perfume or the cheapest perfume you bought at the best perfume shop in town. It isn't the gift itself, but it is the thought that counts. Isn't that how it goes? While there is much truth to that statement, the reality is that sometimes it does actually matter what is inside of the box. I can't remember every gift that I have ever received, but there were some that I will never forget for one reason or another. Some of the ones that I treasure the most are ones where the giver seemed to know exactly what I wanted and needed. I love perfume even if I don't use it too often. I just love perfume as collection. Most of my friend and my sister knows about that. I treasured the perfume gift that my friend and sister gave to me as a gift last year.


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