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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Throughout the year, many people and their families travel the globe to engage in exciting vacations. We put forethought into packing but very often, we forget the important stuff. There are many must-have essentials that can not only guide you but also keep you healthy during your getaway.

1. Staying on Top of Weather Changes
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The Weather Channel app uses a TruPoint forecasting technology no matter where you are in the world. Along with detailed forecasts you can also get three and ten day forecasts which is a great way to plan the best days for outdoor adventures or indoor touring.  This app can be a lifesaver of sorts because beyond rain and sunshine and temperatures, it also tracks hurricanes, storms and alerts you on severe weather bulletins.

2. Use Weather Apps to Pack the Right Clothing
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Many vacationers rely on local Chamber of Commerce webpages that offer temperate “averages” by month. Unfortunately, these aren’t always correct. If you pack for 80 degree weather and once you’re there temperatures are hovering between 50 and 60 degrees, you’ll wish you packed warmer clothing.

Armed with weather apps you can ensure your bring the right clothing to keep cool or stay warm.

3. Don’t Forget the Skin Protectors
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Some vacations take us into the wild outdoors or to beach resorts. Both of these venues offer skin dangers from bug bites to sunburn.

Pack a good sunscreen and bug spray because if you forget these items while packing, you’ll pay a higher price in tourist cities and towns. Prevention is essential in skin protection and nothing is worse than itchy, swollen skin or severe sunburn to ruin your vacation.

4. Find Eateries With Restaurant Apps
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The app allows you to find not only the best restaurants but eateries by type and location—even healthy food suggestions.

With this app it’s easy to search by zip code or city and a benefit to this app lies in its ability to find restaurant deals and specials.

5. Don’t Forget the First Aid Kit
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You can buy a basic first aid kit in any big box store or drug store and pack it before you leave for vacation. Buying first aid items separately in the event of an injury means shelling out cash you could use for other things.

Accidents and emergencies do happen and if you’re equipped with a first aid kit, cuts, scrapes and burns can keep you and your family healthy while away.

6. Bring Your Medications
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Many of us take medications on a daily basis whether they are prescribed or over-the-counter. Be sure to pack prescription maintenance medications like those for high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes.

Over-the-counter meds you take for allergies or the unexpected headache are also necessary must-packs. We also indulge our taste buds on vacation so avoid seeking out antacids and instead buy Prevacid at home and take it with you.

7. Germ Protectors to Stop Viruses in Their Track
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Sanitary wipes aren’t just for wiping off a grocery cart. Viruses are year-round and germs spread easily when they are transferred to your hands or face.

Then there are the many restrooms you’ll visit while on vacation. Make sure you pack both sanitary wipes and hand sanitizers to keep germs at bay.

Do make a list on essential items you may need while away and put them on your what to pack list. All of these items can prevent, help you plan and be prepared for the unexpected.



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