Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fine Weekend and Jake's Birthday

It's about time to experience warm weather and spend family time at the park or playground. Last weekend was really fine and so we took the kids to the playground by the park. Both of them had a blast and acting fearless jumping around. Husband said it was an Asian day because that was the only day he saw a lot of Asian in the playground. There were few Caucasian family but mostly were Asian. Anyway, the kids played for almost an hour until one of them asked to go home. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out inside the house. Then, Sunday husband made a quick trip to the store to buy things we need for Jake's birthday party favors for his classmates. We bought cake for Jake's birthday and made spaghetti and fried chicken but these don't care about food and cake as they only want the presents. Jake got everything (the toys) he wished for his birthday. We also got him a bike, maybe he is ready for it to ride this summer.


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