Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Top 7 Reasons to Travel to Canada

Heading to Canada is a great way to spend a vacation. There are tons of things to do, depending on what part of the country you visit. No matter where you go, though, there is something for everyone.

Toronto Raptors Play a Great Game

Bucks vs Raptors Image via Flickr by compujeramey

Are you a sports fan? Head to Toronto to see the Raptors play. Sure, you can see a basketball game anywhere, but consider telling your friends you saw a game in a different country. On top of that, you will get a cultural experience much different from what you see in the United States. Get Toronto Raptors tickets to check out a game when you are in the area.

Festivals All Year in Toronto

Decadence Image via Flickr by Benson Kua

If you are staying in the Toronto area, check out one of the many festivals happening all year. For example, you can laugh like crazy in March at the Candadian International Comedy Fest. If you love food, check out Summerlicious in July for a variety of cuisines.

Amazing Views From the CN Tower

CN-Tower Toronto
Image via Flickr by Florian Dreyer

Do you want to check out the views from the tallest tower in the western hemisphere? The CN Tower is a great reason to head to Canada. The 360 Restaurant will allow you to see everything, literally as far as the eye can see, while enjoying a delicious meal. You can also check out the lookout, and take the Edgewalk.

Banff National Park

Hanging glacier in Banff National Park Image via Flickr by Alaskan Dude

Do you love the outdoors? Make sure to head to Alberta to spend time in Banff National Park. This is Canada’s oldest National park. There are a variety of things to do here, including walking the trails, kayaking, and more. When you want to combine history and the great outdoors, Banff National Park is the place to visit.

Calgary Stampede

Calgary stampede - the big rodeo Image via Flickr by Danteling

Anyone who loves a good show will love the Calgary Stampede. This is an annual event, and brings people from all over the world. Known as the greatest outdoor show on earth, the Stampede is an amazing tournament-style rodeo. Excitement awaits.

Royal Ontario Museum

Content dragon                (At the Royal Ontario Museum) Image via Flickr by Proxy Indian

Do you have a passion for museums? You don’t want to miss the history, culture, and art that are exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum. This museum is great for individuals, groups, and families. There are a variety of kid-friendly exhibits, so bring them along.

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Pierre Trudeau exhibition Image via Flickr by vlitvinov

This museum is a must-see. Do you wonder how civilization got to where it is today? This museum helps you go through the history of civilization, and learn a variety of things about our history that you simply didn’t know. There is a children’s museum, IMAX, and a variety of exhibitions at the museum, so bring the whole family.

With so many things to do in Canada, it is important to plan your trip thoroughly. From festivals to National Parks, and everything in between, the country has a rich culture to explore. Find out about the history, the present, and the future when you check out the many attractions that draw people to Canada.



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