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Alternatives Ways to Travel the World Without Leaving Your House

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling the world, visiting exotic locations and taking off on wild adventures, you can do so without spending a fortune or even getting on a plane. Being a world traveler isn’t practical for most people, but modern technology makes it possible to feel almost like you’re actually there—even when you’re sitting on your own couch.

Explore Locations across the Globe with Google Earth
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Google Maps allows users to explore the world at large with detailed, three-dimensional imagery showing real views of any place on Earth. See the terrain of an area, look at buildings in different locations and view places down to specific addresses. You can even take a virtual trip to Mars using Google Earth. Not sure where you want to go? Click here to learn about some of the hottest travel destinations and deals.

Take a Virtual Adventure with Google Maps
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Google Maps is another offering from Google which is used by dozens of other sites to provide useful information for travelers. Google Maps technology lets you do all sorts of fun, virtual activities, such as fly a plane, watch travel videos, map the seven wonders of the world, check out world webcams and more.

Live Vicariously by Reading Travel Journals Online
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There are many websites allowing users to post thorough reviews of resorts, hotels, cruises and vacations in general. These reviews often cover everything from the quality of specific accommodations to local cuisine and service at each restaurant. Reading through a variety of reviews of your desired destination lets you live vicariously through the experiences of other travelers. In addition, there are thousands of travel blogs and other travel sites where vacationers offer detail-by-detail accounts of visiting locales across the globe.

Experiment with Recipes for Exotic Cuisine
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One of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling the world is experiencing the authentic cuisine of different cultures. Thanks to the Internet, you have instant access to millions of recipes designed to produce the most authentic tastes of foods from anywhere you choose.

Watch Travel Videos on YouTube
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If you have a vivid imagination, reading travel blogs and vacation reviews is the next best thing to actually being there. But videos are growing in popularity. With 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, there are plenty of videos of exotic locations you’d love to visit. If reading’s not your thing, sit back and enjoy the visual perspective of other travelers through online video.

Play Free Travel Games Online
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If you want a little more action in your virtual world travel, play an online travel game. Games such as World Voyage are free and let you take adventures across the globe while seeing major sights and landmarks—all from the comfort of your home office.

Whether you need a break from the mundane, have some time to kill, need to relieve some stress or simply want the closest thing to living out your travel fantasies, it’s possible to travel the world without ever leaving home. The World Wide Web is home to plenty of travel adventures just waiting for you to hop aboard.



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