Thursday, April 4, 2013

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone with These 7 Daring Fashion Statements

It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut. You find certain outfits and looks that work, and you’re destined to repeat them again and again. Shake up your style and break out of your comfort zone with 7 daring fashion statements that are on trend and easy to adapt.

Add 2 Retro Looks to Your Wardrobe
Spring Longing Florals and Presents Image via Flickr by AnnieAnniePancake

Everything old really is new again in the world of fashion. Looks that were popular in the ‘60s are re-emerging in modern fashion. Add two essential items to your wardrobe to create go-anywhere looks that are perfect for the retro trend. Bermuda shorts are big this year. Look for knee-length shorts with slim silhouettes to add the style to your wardrobe. Bermuda shorts pair well with a jacket or blouse, and work as casual or work wear.

Short dresses with bell skirts, another look that was popular in the ‘60s, are cropping up everywhere. Add a brightly colored belt to make the look pop. A short dress can serve as day or evening wear, and with the right accessories works for casual or more formal events.

Top it Off with Volume

Long, structured tops are appearing all over the runways. Blouses and jackets with extra material that adds volume are popular this year. Pair a long, voluminous top or jacket with shorts, pants or a skirt that fits close to the legs to avoid looking bulky all over. This season’s big tops look great with last season’s skinny jeans.

Choose the Right Materials and Patterns to Stay on Trend

To be on trend this year, pay attention to materials and patterns. Leather is hot this year, and not just in purses. A leather skirt is a perfect match for a silky blouse. Put a leather jacket on top of cotton slacks to create contrast. Metallic fabrics are another popular trend, and they’ll pair well with leather clothing items.

But whatever you do, don’t wear solid colors. Stripes, patchwork and bold graphic prints are all over the fashion runways. Add one of these patterns, or more than one, to your outfit. Accessories like scarves, purses and belts are a good way to pay homage to the trend.

Show Some Skin with Cutouts

Cutouts are appearing all over this season’s clothing. Be bold by showing some unexpected skin. Look for clothes with peekaboo shoulders, a back cutout, maybe even a little midriff, and get in on the trend. Remember to show skin in moderation. Showing a little bare shoulder, and showing up wearing a retro Cosby-esque sweater are worlds apart when it comes to fashion.

Get the Right Shoes to Complete the Look
black pointed plastic shoes Image via Flickr by verpurpleperson

Pointed toes are all the rage in shoes. Whether it’s a sandal, a heel or a flat, if it’s pointed it's trendy. Pair the pointed toe shoe with any outfit and you’ll be perfectly in fashion.

Make a daring fashion statement this year by showing your trendy side, and trying some of this year’s hottest looks. Don't forget, owning all of hottest trends in one wardrobe does not mean that your adult bunny costume can't make a sexy appearance on special occasions! 


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