Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Renaissance in Butler County

Every summer I have seen this tents and campers at Butler county where we passed by going to SR. From what I heard they're The Renaissance. Last weekend I able to take a quick snap at these tents and campers putting up their tents. They are everywhere and it looks like a very cool and fun activity these people are having every summer. I searched online and found related information about it. This Renaissance buffs converge on Butler County for annual Pennsic War. Read More.

The Pennsic War is an annual American medieval camping event held by the Society for Creative Anachronism—a "war" between two large regional SCA groups: the Kingdom of the East and the Middle Kingdom. It is the single largest annual SCA event, with more than 10,000 people attending each year, from as far as Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, and Australia.[1] Pennsic is held in late summer and lasts for 17 days (begins on a Friday, ends two Sundays later). The event centers on pre-17th century history and culture with all campers dressing in medieval clothing. The winners of the battles and other activities receive war points, and the Kingdom with the most war points wins that Pennsic.[2] The name Pennsic War is a combination of Pennsylvania and Punic War. The Pennsic War uses numbers to identify each war rather than the year it was held, so the 2011 event was known as "Pennsic War 40"—there having been 39 previous events.Article source; Wikipedia


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