Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#22/365 Day BPC | Fascinated with the Rooster

Day 22 of 365 Blog Photo Challenge 2014.

I still have tons of photos to share during our summer vacation to the Philippines. We spent three day in Cagayan De Oro City during our two weeks vacation and from the Laguindingan Airport we made a quick stop at my grandmother's house. I was a bit emotional seeing my grandmother losing her eyesight due to her diabetes and other health condition. Anyhow, while we were there my lil kikay and her cousin Ice found a playmate in a form of a Rooster. It only shows that these two cute monkeys are truly has a Requieron bloodline. They both chasing this poor rooster and the boy kept poking its eye while the girl just wanted to bring the rooster home back in Pittsburgh and make it her pet.
I used to be my father's right hand when it comes to Rooster, Every time he comes home late from work or on vacation I was the one who take the roosters our from their cages and feed them. I'm not afraid of rooster and if I am a boy I would probably one of the people yelling "inilog, sa pula, sa puti" at the cockpit arena. Holding a rooster was one of the best experience this lil girl will always remember.


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