Thursday, January 16, 2014

Found a Kapamilya and Pinoy Community

I've been in this country for over six years now and this is my first time to join a Filipino-American community. I have a Filipino neighbor that I wasn't aware until late of last year when he approached me and asked if I am a Pinoy. They live across the street and we even say hi and hello last year. Thankful to them for inviting me to this cool and wonderful community. They're very nice family and i'm so lucky to be a member. I met wonderful people from Davao who is very kind and accommodating. All the members are very nice and professional. They help one another, do charitable work and also have dance troupe that promotes Filipino culture through folk dances and Philippine dances and very Sunday they have dance practice so you might want to join or dance along. If you are a Filipino live in Pittsburgh, you might want to check out the community and their website Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh, INC. (FAAP)


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