Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Late Night Movie & Music Trip

My sister gave me a headphone and I also won a kid headphone online, however I am still in the market of looking for an additional headphone for my daughter. They always fight each other of who's going to use the headphone. The one that I have been using was kind of big. As I was browsing online, i came across this awesome ultrasone headphones that offer you professional sound performance. It looks sophisticated and sturdy. Foldable which makes it easy to adjust, closed-back professional headphones with luminum nameplates and PRO Box hardcase for safe transportation and storage. This is very useful if you have a recording label or just a simple music trip in your own room. I usually sleep very late because I like to watch my favorite TV show and movies. Sometimes, I'll just listen some music over at YouTube and ipod. It's a perfect companion during late night movie and music trippings. Check it out now if you like what you see.


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