Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#28/365 Day BPC | She Found Nemo

Justine: No Mommy it's Memo
Me; Sweetie it's Nemo,
Justine: Nooo it's Memo (frustrating tone, screaming and hitting me)
Me; Don't hit Justine, it is Nemo. Daddy and I seen this movie many times
Justine: It's Memo, my leap pad said it's memo.
Jake; Maybe it's lemo (messing up with the girl)
Daddy: Sweetie it's Nemo
Justine: NO! Memo!!!!
She can put up a fight and a nonsense argument, and also won't accept defeat.

Finally at the Science Center there's an area for fishes and saw Nemo. Since it was three against 1, she then realize that it's Nemo.

Cool Facts about Fish: Fish see differently that we do(people). Most fish have an eye located on each side of their head. The location of the eyes gives the fish a wider field of vision around, above, and below them.


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