Friday, January 31, 2014

Weather & Nature Expressions

The weather had been extremely cold this past few days due to wintry season or cold wave or Polar Vortex or it's just winter. But seriously it's extremely freezing and school got cancelled twice this week. While I was stuck inside the house it made me think of this idiomatic expression and I made up one for the snow. So, there you go;

There's a light at the end of a tunnel meaning something which makes you believe that a difficult or unpleasant situation will end.

Every cloud has a silver lining means that there is something good even in an unpleasant situation

A rainbow after the storm or A rainbow after the rain.

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
.....and A polar vortex after a snow storm

History;by wikipedia
The polar vortex was first described as early as 1853. The phenomenon's sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) appears during the wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere and was discovered in 1952 with radiosonde observations at altitudes higher than 20 km. The 2014 North American cold wave was an extreme weather event affecting parts of Canada and the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, extending as far south as Central Florida, and Northeastern Mexico. Read article source.

After the rain there's a rainbow, after a storm there's calm, after the night there's a morning, and after a ending there's a new beginning. What do you think we have after the snow storm? A frozen pipe hahaha, a frost, icicles, yucky road and wet cold wind.


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