Thursday, February 6, 2014

#37/365 Day | Snow Iced Thursday

Feb 6 & Day 37 of 365 Blog Photo Challenge 2014.

It's been snowing the whole week that caused classes to get 2 hours delayed again last Wednesday but since the road was all icy and covered with yucky snow I let the children skip school that day. The following day we had to choice but too go to school and this is what the road looked like that day. Some of the snow had melted and most of it turned into ice. It was fun walking on it though because it made crunchy sounds and it was slippery too so should take extra care when stepping on it. However,t his lil funny and silly dragon did not mind. She slipped once but got up and started running and jumping away. The icy road hasn't melted all the way and yet more snow coming down today.


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