Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Arrow Shooting

Couple of weekend ago we went to SR because MIl called and thought of letting the kids try shooting arrows. She used to bring the older grandkids before when they were about the same age like my dragonz. Anyway, we got there and Jake got acquainted right away and was so excited to shoot arrows. After a few instructions and lesson about proper posture and holding of arrows, the buckaroo able to shoot the arrow in the target for many times. He had a lot of miss in the beginning but as he got comfortable with it, he enjoyed and loved it. The kikay also tried but at first she was scared. After observing the big bro, she finally came around and played comfortably. It was a super fun and great experience for the kids that they wanted to go back there again. Grandma bought them a souvenir shirt. So, thankful to have the coolest grandma. We look forward to go back to that place soon.


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