Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spruce Up The Kids Room

Last week I spent most of my free time cleaning the children's room. I regretted buying them all those toys as it make a whole lot of mess. In my son's room it was pretty quick to tidy up because he knows how to put away his toys when he is done playing with it. I picked up and put away a few stuff toys and action figures and then moved his bed and drawer to give his room a new look. I need to buy a study table to spruce up a bit and make it look like a big boy room. On the other hand, my daughter has the messiest room ever. Tiny toys scattered everywhere including barbies shoes and jewelry. She also had this one big bucket of small stuff toys that she put everywhere like inside the bag, box, under the bed, in her kitchen and even in random shoes. That took me a whole day to tidy up her room. I also move and disarrange some furniture. I am thinking of buying bookshelves, and study table as well and perhaps decorate a little by adding wall decal. This house needs a lot of sprucing up and I find suitable furniture at goods home furnishingscentury that would make a good addition to this house.


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