Sunday, November 29, 2015

#ThreeInOne Baseball

Sometimes you think that you haven't grown up yet but when you see your own children growing up literally, then you would say where has the time gone. It feels like it was yesterday when this lil buckaroo doesn't have any interest with sports. His grandma and cousins gave him this baseball bat, t-ball and gloves but he did not show interest at all. We also signed him up to a soccer game and swimming but ended up quitting. It's surprising how his interest changed this year however I am happy for such changes. This year he played minor baseball in the summer and their team won the championship. He was also lucky to be part and included in the tournament for Greenfield 7 years old team. Then last Fall ball they finished the game in second place. In one year he instantly transformed and wore three different baseball uniform. He is liking the sports now and as a matter of fact he also signed up a couple of sports at school such as cross country, soccer and basketball.


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