Monday, July 4, 2016

A Few Essentials For Camping

When you think about a camping trip, you might think about being in a camper or an RV, enjoying some of the same amenities that you would have at home as most campsites offer some type of connection for electricity and water. However, there are times when you might pitch a tent and live off of the land while camping. One of the essential pieces of camping and survival gear that you will need is a tent that is large enough for everyone who will be at the site. There are some that have separate rooms so that each person or couple can have their own space. A large tent of this nature is also ideal if you have children as you will be able to set up a place for them to play without being in the sun for long periods of time.

Another piece of essential gear that you will need is a sleeping bag or air mattress. If the idea of sleeping close to the ground doesn't excite you, then consider looking for a small cot that can be folded for when it's needed. This will save some space in the tent during the day while giving you something to sleep on that is similar to a bed instead of being on the ground in a sleeping bag.

Food is another important component for your camping trip. You want to take food that is non-perishable. Examples would include canned items and boxes of foods that can be opened and consumed without being cooked. You can take a small grill and charcoal if you want to quickly prepare a meal, such as hamburgers or hot dogs. Find out about the burning regulations as some campsites might not allow grilling during certain times of the year. You should also consider taking a few tools on your trip. A fishing pole is essential whether you're looking for recreation or a way to catch food to eat while at the campsite. A knife can be used to kill animals that might be threatening, and it can also be used to cut away branches that can either be used for firewood or that are in the way of setting up the tent.


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