Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Beauty of Metallic Cowhides Completes any Decor Theme

Cowhides have been used for centuries to decorate walls, furniture, and floors. The fact that cowhide is extremely hard wearing makes them an optimal choice for nearly any room. A lot of people find that the unique colouring and patterns of cowhide tend to lend a phenomenal sensation to any home or office décor theme. Cowhides are available in a variety of beautiful colours and patterns that blend well in any setting. Metallic cowhides offer all of the beauty of a normal hide, except they are garnished with sensational gold and silver markings.

Metallic shine looks great on a lot of things, especially in home décor. When splashes of silver and gold are combined with a cowhide it literally brings the hide to life. These hides are available in several colours and with either a gold or silver finish. Metallic cowhides work well on both floors and walls; some people even get creative and drape them over the back of a sofa for a refined look. In addition to using these hides on walls and floors, they can also be used in a variety of upholstery finishes.

A hide is fairly easy to sew and with a little bit of experience, it can be turned into a beautiful cushion. Hides come in large sizes and can be cut and shaped to meet specific desires. This makes them easy to convert into a cushion covering, or cut into ovals, circles, squares, and other desirable shapes. Since hides can be customized, it is easy to use them in any imaginable setting. The natural beauty of a metallic cowhide definitely adds a shimmering touch to decor and they complete any room they are placed in.

Whether you want to add a cowhide rug to accentuate wooden floors, carpeted floors, or tiled floors, our metallic cowhides will stand up to wear and tear and remain beautiful for years to come. If used as a stand-alone focal point on a wall an easy to care for metallic cowhide always makes quite an impression. The shimmering silver or gold flecks of a metallic hide will enhance everything around it.

Metallic cowhides are surprisingly affordable which makes it easy for almost anyone to afford to add a touch of class to their decor. An investment in a cowhide can be considered wise because of their lasting beauty and the fact that they are versatile enough to be used in nearly any room. When used in certain ways they can even be used to dramatize certain decor themes. A western theme is an example of a theme that benefits from a metallic cowhide.

A lot of professional interior designers use metallic hides to accentuate the unique styles that they are seeking to achieve. Besides the silver and gold metallic hides, our black metallic cowhides are another shimmering way to brighten any room. The stunning look of a black hide accentuated with metallic shine is a look that livens up any area they are placed in. Our selection of metallic cowhides offers a variety of colour options that will please even the most discerning eyes.

Since hides are hypo-allergenic they are safe for use around those with breathing troubles or allergy sensitivities. It is very easy to keep metallic cowhides clean since dust and liquid spills easily wipe off. Add a natural flair to your decor today by ordering a metallic cowhide to give your home that finishing touch that it is lacking. Order a hide from City Cows today and your order will immediately be processed and shipped within the same day.


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