Monday, September 26, 2016

More Accidents In New

Before my husband decided to get a new car he was having second thoughts getting rid of the old one because he had that car for over 13 years already. In my 7 years of living and riding in that car, we never had any accident. There were a few times he brought that car to shop in order to have it check before renewing the registration.. Had a two or three times getting fixed and paid quiet a lot for the repair as well. But, that old car never got into an accident. Well, this new car which he had driven for over couple of years and he had been into couple of accident as well. The car was new but he had to bring it to the place where he bought because it had problem with recall. That first accident he had, he his back a little and dented the car. And last week was a huge one, thankfully husband did not get hurt but the car was a wrecked. I guess this new is going to look old so quick.


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