Friday, February 3, 2017

Really Cool App

Imagine what you can do with your phone, tablet, ipad and other devices now. There are all sorts pf apps that is applicable to whatever stuff you may find amusing, important or just mere sillyness. There is musicians friend app that you can upload if you are into music and what's to know the lates deal with your favorite music store. simply follow the link provided and it will lead you to the website. Back to the topic, my children are just so good and smart exploring the different apps they found at their tablet. So, tonight my daughter accidentally saw this app and without my permission downloaded it. It was kind of cute, at least they had fun making face warp at my expense. Tons of cool apps you can find at app store. There is an app also for kareoke, an app for guitar and many more. Really cool app eh, check it out though!


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