Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fly In Fishing for Monster Trout

Recreational fishing remains a very popular activity in both the United States and Canada. In the US, more than 49 million people fish at least once annually. In Canada, the number of those fishing exceeds 3 million. More than $40 billion is spent on fishing related activities. Fishing spots range from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Great Lakes and the tens of thousands of interior lakes, rivers, streams and ponds contained in North America.

But for those serious about the sport, a fly in fishing trip is the true bucket list item. It is the experience that will last a life time. These types of trips are popular in northern Canada and Alaska.

In a fly in fishing trip, the angler and his or her party will travel to a location designated by the fishing guide, normally a town or city where air travel is accessible. From there, the party will be flown via float plane to a remote lake, usually only accessible by plane.

At the lake, the guide will have small fishing boats available for the party, along with appropriate bait and tackle. In some fly in fishing packages, the guide will have constructed overnight accommodations in the form of a lodge or cabins. They may or may not provide meals.

Because of climate in the north, trips of this type are usually only performed in the spring and summer months. If choosing to take such a trip, it is always recommended to speak with the charter company directly. Questions regarding meals and lodging should be addressed, along with questions regarding cancellation due to bad weather, license information, etc.

The allure of a fly in trip to a remote lake is substantial. First, the nearly untouched natural beauty of the location is something rarely seen by most. As most anglers have an inherent appreciation for natural beauty, the scenery and solitude is awe inspiring. Moose, bear, caribou and other wildlife can be seen in their native habitats.

Second, due to the inaccessibility of the lake, few people actually fish the lake. The number of people fishing on a lake is known in angling circles as “fishing pressure”. In a fly in trip, the fishing pressure is minimal. Members of a party are often the only anglers on the lake in a given day.

Because pressure is minimal, the size and number of fish can be more plentiful, increasing the chances of landing a trophy. Large Arctic grayling, long northern pike, landlocked salmon and monster lake trout are the most prized catches at these types of trips.


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