Monday, April 10, 2017

Significant Moments In Life

Time is the one thing in life that we can never reclaim. Once it's lost you can never get it back. This is why the moments you spend with your family are so important. The first time your baby boy takes his first footsteps or your baby girl says her first words are irreplaceable moments that can never be recreated or retrieved. They become history the moment after they take place. It is safe to say that in essence, time is life's irreplaceable money.

Recognizing the Passage of Time
The old cliche,"time waits for no man," is true on many different levels. We can't stop the moments in our lives and reschedule them to take place at a more convenient time. They happen without us being able to control when they take place. This is why developing both a mindful and flexible attitude is extremely important. This attitude will alert us internally when something is too important to miss. These are the moments when we take a day off or reschedule some other less important event. Regardless of our obligations, even as a busy administrator working for the captive insurance industry, you still need to make time for family.

Being Present in the Moment
Respecting the time we spend with our families goes beyond just being with them. Simply being there is not enough. When we spend time with our families we must make up our minds to be fully engaged and present, not distracted. Half listening to your spouse talk about his or her day, or your child tell you how well they played at their soccer game, is not really being present. You are physically there, but your mind is elsewhere. Being with your family should allow you to fully experience your time together without any interferences, mental or otherwise.

Appreciating Even the Small Mundane Moments
One of the biggest missed opportunities we fail to recognize is the time we spend together daily, doing the basic necessary tasks. This could be driving your child to school or grocery shopping as a family. Don't think that the activity has to be special or beyond the normal daily schedule to be meaningful and impactful. Even the small moments matter immensely. If you can learn to value those moments you will see that all time spent can be meaningful and valuable.

Time is a gift we are all given while we are living. The way we view it and spend it determines the qualitative value in our lives. Spend time with your family as much as you can, and learn to value the small moments together as well. All those minutes count and make up the life-money that we can either grow or lose forever.


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