Saturday, June 3, 2017

Preparing for a Home Renovation Project

It is getting close to getting the home you've always wanted-- the home renovation contractor is hired, the work is scheduled and the budget has been finalized. So what else do you have to do to prepare yourself and your family for a home renovation project? Here are three of the most common considerations you need to make before the work starts.

Protect Valuable Furniture and Decor
Renovation projects can get a little messy. Whether it's dust and dirt from demolition or sand and sawdust from building materials, making sure the things you love most are protected is important. The easiest way to protect furniture, walls and other valuable items that can be damaged during renovation is to move what you can out of the way. Establish a clear path for the contractor and his team to access the parts of the home they are working on, plus the nearest bathroom. If you cannot move certain items, the best way to protect it is to use plastic coverings or standard bed sheets to cover it up during the process.

Make Plans for Pets
Everyone loves their pets, and often it's the critters who rule the roost. However, during a major renovation project, pets can get in the way, slip out the door or hurt themselves around professional tools. If your pet typically stays home during the day, you may have to consider closing them in one specific room for the duration of the project. To make sure they are happy and comfortable, you can also consider putting them into the hands of a trusted friend until the work is done each day.

Understand What Will Affect Your Daily Routine
Often home renovation projects can be worked on while you are away at your place of business. However, with many people getting more flexible schedules and taking on freelance work, you may find yourself trying to work in the middle of a renovation project. If that's the case, you may want to find places where you can work without the distraction of construction.

Kids are also an important consideration. Little ones with schedule nap times may not have an easy time during a renovation project, so it can be beneficial to have a friend or family let you use their home while the crew is taking care of business.


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