Sunday, September 9, 2018

Four Reasons to Involve Your Kids in Family Vacation Planning

When it comes to planning a family vacation, taking on the responsibility all on your own can be a daunting and exhausting task. Especially when everyone wants to go somewhere different or do something new to commemorate your umpteenth family vacay. However, you can avoid the challenge of planning on your own AND the aggravation of everyone’s obnoxious opinions by allowing your kids to get involved in the vacation planning from the get-go.

Build the Anticipation and Excitement as a Family

Instead of keeping the vacation all to yourself until the last minute, or deeming yourself the designated planner, give the reigns to your whole family. Getting everyone involved will evenly distribute the anticipation and excitement, while also divvying up the stressors. This makes it easier to handle for everyone, while giving you a much-needed break from doing all the work.

Bring Your Family Closer Together with Collaboration and Travel Brainstorms

To plan a vacay as a family, you need brainstorms and collaborations. You know, those fun, excited conversations where you sit down together and plot your destinations, plan your activities, like historical attractions to visit and restaurants to try, and take everyone’s ideas into account. It’s occasions like these that will bring your family closer together.

Show You Trust and Take Pride in the Ideas Your Children Have

Children seek appreciation, encouragement, and acknowledgement for their ideas and suggestions. Asking them to help plan a family vacation is letting them know the you trust and encourage their ideas, especially in big matters like where the whole family should go to relax and have fun together. These planning conversations also opens up further lines of communication, encouraging your children to feel comfortable opening up about their future ideas and opinions.

Teach Kids How to Plan and Prepare for Their Futures (i.e. Careers, Education, Families, etc.)

In all likelihood, your kiddos will be planners of their own careers, educations, and families when they grow up. Hence, they should learn the ins and outs of planning something important, like a family vacation, so they can better appreciate the plans and preparations that go into other big decisions. In everything they do, there’s a lesson, so don’t waste the opportunity to get them involved in your family’s travels.


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