Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Managing a Summer Home

Many people dream of owning a vacation home, but once that dream becomes a reality, they find it to be an overwhelming responsibility. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that will make owning a second home more enjoyable.

Opening the House Up

Chances are that your summer home was closed up last fall and left empty all winter long. Spring is the time to open it back up for another season of fun with family and friends. Set aside a weekend for this task. Don't invite loved ones to this weekend. Use it to clean up the yard, clean and dust inside, and stock the pantry. Take advantage of services like the seawall repair palm beach county has to offer when it comes to repairs.

Maintaining the House

Once the house is open and ready for entertaining, you need to be able to keep it cleaned and stocked. You won't want to start each vacation with jobs to do. Get in the habit of thoroughly cleaning at the end of each visit. Clean the bathroom, vacuum, and wipe down tables before going home. You also need to make a shopping list of anything that needs to be restocked. Buy these items before you return.

Entertaining Made Easy

Keep in mind that this is your vacation too. Although you probably love having guests, it can be a lot of work. Have two sets of sheets for each bed. Take the dirty bedding home to wash and replace it with the clean sets you brought with you. Do the same for towels. This way you don't spend all your time doing laundry. Make casseroles and freeze them ahead of time at home so you’re not cooking.

By learning how to manage care of the property, keep it clean and stocked, and be able to keep everyone fed and entertained, you will be able to have fun. Organization is key. Otherwise your dream of a vacation home will turn into a nightmare.


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